Enguri Hydropower Dam

Year Of Foundation - 1978;
Sector - Tourism
Tsalenjikha Municipality

​Enguri Hydropower Dam

Enguri Hydropower Dam was built-in 60-70 years of 20th century represents one of the most fascinating examples of civil engineering achievements in Georgia. The objects that comprise the structure of Enguri HPP cover almost one thousand square kilometers from the city Jvari to the Black Sea.

It includes cascade of hydroelectric stations, including Enguri Arch Dam and about 400 tunnels and channels, the longest of which is about 15 kilometers. Constructed in the narrow canyon of the Enguri River in the town Jvari, with the breathtaking scenery of North-West Georgia, the Arch Dam of Enguri HPP has been in operational use since 1978. Having 271.5 meters of height, Enguri is one of the highest arched dams in the world.

Taking into consideration the cultural values of the site, in 2015, the Enguri Arched Dam was granted the industrial heritage status of national value.

​Since November 2021, the visitors have a distinctive opportunity to get acquainted with all attractive facilities of the Arch Dam arrangement and can learn about the main aspects of energy generation using hydro resources. 

​Since 2022, Enguri Dam became a member of the European Route of industrial Heritage.

The Enguri Arch Dam is located:

            From The Tbilisi International Airport   -  414 km

            From The Batumi International Airport -  180 km

            From The Kutaisi International Airport  -  125 km

Tsalenjikh Municipality, Jvari
Contact Person

Phone: +995 599 44 17 40

Web page: www.enguridam.ge/