Water resources and energey potential: Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti region is characterized with abundance of water resources. 2,400 large and small rivers are registered in the region. The longest rivers include: Enguri (213 km ), Khobistskali (150 km), Tekhuri (101 km) and Abashistskali (66 km). Quantity of ground waters comprises 25% of the region’s total water resources. The region is rich with lakes and mineral and thermal waters (there are 13 lakes with about 65 km2 of total surface area in the region). Jvari Water Reservoir with 13.5 km2 surface area is located in this region too. Most part of electricity consumed in the country is generated in Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti region, and hence the region, as a guarantor of energy security, occupies a special place in the country. The region has very favorable natural conditions for additional power generation capacities. Due to steep mountainous relief and high quantities of precipitation, the rivers in Samegrelo are abundant sources of electricity. Aggregate hydropower resources of these rivers comprise 3.3 billion kilowatt, i.e., 13% of the total potential hydropower resources of Georgia. Abundance of hydropower resources in the region allows construction of numerous small hydropower projects (HPPs).