• Small- and medium-sized enterprises make up the majority of the industrial plants in the region. As of today, the following are the core industrial activities of the region: nut and tea processing in Zugdidi Municipality; ice cream and confectionery in Abasha; wood processing and tea production in Tsalenjikha; tea processing and wine production in Martvili; wine production in Senaki; production of fish oil, fish flour, meat and dairy products in Poti; nut production in Chkhorotsku; and wood processing in Mestia. Pertinently, a shortage of agricultural product processing is considered one of the main industrial problems in the region.
  • Bearing in mind the assets and resources of the region, with an effective investment and infrastructural policy in place, the industrial sector of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti has significant potential for development. Prudent application of assets and resources, efforts being targeted toward the stimulation of local and foreign investments, maximum encouragement of enterprises focused on quality and exports, systematic attention being paid to the improvement of the qualification level of the local work force, increasing availability of bank credits, establishment of alternative capital markets and, generally, suitable application of various endogenous and exogenous factors will all be important ingredients in the development of the region’s industrial sector.